We Would Like To View More Of Your Work Before Making A Decision? How Can We Do That?

Good idea! I definitely recommend that you do! Come and meet me at my home office during the day or evening and we can chat through your wedding plans. I have a wide selection of photographs, video and finished albums that you can view at your leisure and I will be very happy to help and advise you.

How Do We Secure Our Wedding Date With You?

A deposit of £250 confirms that the day is yours and then you pay the balance 2-4 weeks before your wedding date.

Do You Offer Any Discount If We Use Your Photography And Video Service?

Yes because if I am already photographing your wedding anyway, the costs involved in undertaking your video are reduced, so I am very happy to pass the saving on to you!

How Far Are You Willing To Travel?

I mainly work within the North West and West Midlands, particularly Cheshire, Staffordshire, Manchester, Chester and Shropshire. However, I am happy to travel all over the UK and abroad.

Help! I Hate Having My Photograph Taken!

Don’t worry, I hear this a lot! I am very used to putting people at ease and making them feel relaxed. Also, I can honestly say that on your wedding day you will be so busy having a wonderful time with family and friends that you really will forget that I am floating about taking photographs.

Will You Be In Touch Again Before The Wedding?

Yes definitely! We will have a pre-wedding meeting about 6 weeks before your wedding date when we will visit your venue and any other key locations, such as the church and where your bridal preparations are taking place. We will also sit down and discuss timings and your photo selection and make sure that you are completely happy with everything. After that, all you have to do is get ready to have a fantastic time and leave me to do the rest!

How Long Are You Usually With Us On The Day?

The length of time varies but I generally make sure I am with you from bridal preparations until call for dinner. I am very flexible though, so if you would like me to stay into the evening, I am happy to do so.

How Do You Ensure That Our Wedding Doesn’t Turn Into A Photoshoot?

I think my role is to make the time you and your guests spend with me fun and relaxed…but also short!! I do believe that a small number of posed photos of you and your family are essential but I keep these to a minimum. The majority of my photography and video is carried out discreetly whilst you are socialising with your guests.

How Many Photographs Will I Receive?

You will receive approximately 300 beautiful, high resolution, digital images that are professionally colour corrected and ready for your own use. I am happy to individually edit some of these (if you wish) according to your taste. If you would like more than 300 images, this can easily be arranged.

How Long Do We Have To Wait Before We Can See The Photographs?

Only 1 week! It would be cruel to make you wait any longer wouldn’t it?

When Will We Receive Our Video?

This can vary but I try my best to get this to you 3-4 weeks after your wedding date.

The ‘What Ifs’

What If Your Camera Stops Working?

I take backup equipment to every wedding. I ensure that I regularly check the results I am getting throughout the day so that I notice any irregularities and make a swift change if necessary.

What If Something Goes Wrong? Are You Insured?

Yes, I have Professional Indemnity and Public Liability insurance.

What If It Rains?

During your pre-wedding meeting, I make a point of discussing a wet weather plan with you whilst we are looking around your venue.

What If You Are Unable To Attend Our Wedding For Any Reason?

This has never happened since I started in business! However, I have a number of colleagues who are professional photographers who I have known for years. I would definitely trust them to step in if necessary.

How Would You Sum Up Your Style In A Few Words?

Natural, relaxed, beautiful.

Contemporary, creative, artistic.

Documentary, capturing the moment, fun!

If you would like to take a closer look